Personal Training has seen many changes in recent years.
Never before has there been such a large selection of trainers and training facilities available to those searching for the best method to get into shape.
Current government substantiation has seen an explosion in Personal Trainers and unfortunately this can make it even harder finding the right trainer for you.
The most important value of Personal Training is to be completely focused on helping a client reach their health and fitness goals effectively and safely.
Many of us who have joined large corporate gyms, have felt valued while the membership consultant works intently on signing us up, only to be left on our own as soon as the direct debt form is signed. Alternatively you're left with an overwhelming financial commitment if you've signed up for the bix box gym with PT sessions over and above.


At Ringwood Personal Training there are no contracts or joining fees, ever.
Secondly you only ever pay for the training that you use.
The trainers at RPT are focused on your individual goals, whether it's weight loss, increased strength, mobility or sport performance and we will develop an individual plan that works for you.
Personal Training is for everyone of all ages. Our youngest client is 12 and our oldest client is 74 and they are both achieving their health and fitness goals. 

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