Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2016

This past weekend saw the Gold Coast Airport Marathon take place - and what a brilliant weekend it was. The event kicks off with the Expo - bib collection and a great opportunity to check out whats new and exciting in the world of running. One essential stop is the Safe Lace stand  - no tripping injuries for us!

Then the waiting game starts - butterflies in the tummy, stern conversations with your inner self and reassuring pats on the back from the group. And without doubt; early to bed cause its very early to rise.

4.45am the alarm goes off and even the most dedicated alarm snoozers can't escape the instant nervous energy. Just enough time to get your pre-race fuel of choice, dress and get down to catch public transport to the start line. 

6am the half marathon starts and the crowd is huge and in high spirits. The first couple of k's are a blur with the sun rising on the water as you reach your stride. About 8 k's in the front runners are making their way back and the sight of them brings tears to the eye. It is truly amazing watching the men and women who are no doubt built to run. With that bit of inspiration you get a nice kick to cross the half way mark. There's no doubt the last 3-4 k's are challenging for any half-marathoner but that thrill and elation as you cross the finish line is truly priceless. 

We are so proud of Steve Bailey for finishing his first half-marathon this year in an impressive 2 hours and 2 minutes! What an awesome effort.

The marathon starts with huge fanfare at 7.15am. A race that most would say is run in the mind. Being a spectator for the marathon is such an inspiring experience, joining in along the side lines to cheer young and old as they push their bodies to the limit in the warm Queensland sun.

Watching Dan and Lyle cross the finish line, with nothing left in the tank but each radiating a sense of achievement makes it obvious why they'll both be soon thinking about 2017.

The race precinct is a fantastic event, the best I have ever been to for a fun run. With a jumbo screen for watching the runners, live music, loads of food options and packed with participants and supports its a great day for the whole family.

If you're interested in starting a running program or completing a fun run / race contact 9870 4050 for coaching enquiries.




Tom's Transformation!

Ever since he was a kid Tom has excelled at every sport he’s tried and has taken full advantage of his athletic build. Like so many teenage boys Tom’s biggest challenge with fitness is gaining weight – especially in the form of muscle.

When food allergy tests identified some sensitivities just over a year ago Tom began paying close attention to what he was eating and also started focusing on weight training to build strength. In 3 short months Tom has had great improvements in gaining muscle and increasing endurance – just see for yourself! 


Age: 19   Height: 176cm

Before:                           After:

Weight: 58kg                Weight: 63kg

Body Fat %: 14.3           Body Fat %: 7.2

Muscle Mass: 50.5kg    Muscle Mass: 53.2

Physique Rating: 4       Physique Rating: 8