METAFIT: Metafit™ changes the resting metabolism, works big muscle groups with simple un-choreographed, body weight exercises. Metafit™ is true High Intensity Interval Training that will have you burning fat for 24 hours!

METAPWR: MetaPWR™ is a high intensity circuit class using a variety of weights and equipment and specific work and rest timings. MetaPWR is an intense class designed to give you a full body workout, leaving you with nothing in the tank, in 30 minutes! 

BOXING: Our Boxing classes are an intense full body workout with timed rounds of skipping, bag work, partner work and core work. All classes ensure a thorough workout and are suitable for any fitness level -  if you're bringing your A game.

BOXING with SilenceTheCritic: Steve Read's boxing circuit is not for the faint hearted. His classes are for those of you that want to box like a pro, with great technique, and are prepared to work hard. These classes are not for beginners, but 1-on-1 sessions can be organised to get you ready.

Circuit Training: A high intensity 30 minutes of circuit training using bodyweight, dumbbells, kettle-bells and anything else that delivers a serious total body workout. Suitable for all fitness levels.

PILATES: Pilates is a well known exercise method to strengthen the core muscle group as well as strengthen through the lower back.

Several of our evening classes are designed to be done back to back for those who enjoy a longer 60 minute workout.

SPIN: Spin is a structured exercise class performed on stationary exercise bikes. You'll be led by your instructor through a virtual ride on flats, hills and sprints.

Spin is suitable for just about anyone of any age, shape or fitness level. And you don’t need to be too co-ordinated! You can take things at your own pace and you won’t feel obliged to keep up with the rest of the class. Because you have your own resistance dial, you control the intensity of your work-out and you can exercise at the level which you feel comfortable with.

ABS / STRETCH: Our NEW 30 minute abs & stretch class combines 20 minutes of ab and core exercises followed by 10 minutes of whole body stretching. Do not be fooled - this is a tough class that will deliver.


Group Exercise Timetable

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  • Weekly Unlimited -$29
  • Casual 30 minute class - $10*
  • Back to Back classes - $15
  • 10 x 30 min Class Pass - $90
  • 10 x 60 min (back to back ) pass - $135
  • *OFF-PEAK (9.30am) classes are $5!